Spring training term at AP-Malta

As the winter leaves the Maltese islands our team at AP-Malta is preparing for a busy and diverse spring. We will kick off April with a Bombardier Challenger 604/605 Level 3 course that will be held at our facility in Malta. We will start our Spring term with three weeks Challenger 604/605 Theoretical Course between the 09th and the 27th of the month followed by a week of Practical Element with hands-on training also available. Specially designed for both B1 and B2 aircraft maintenance technicians, this course gives detailed theoretical knowledge of the aircraft's systems, structure, operations, maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting according to approved maintenance data. Upon completion of our, EASA approved B1&B2 training students shall be able to demonstrate the use of manuals and approved procedures, including the knowledge of relevant inspections and limitations that will be covered in depth during our one-week Practical element course (30th April to 04th May).

In May we are planning another Bombardier Level 3 training - Challenger 604/605/650 to 850 Differences course. This course is designed for participants seeking to endorse Bombardier Challenger 850 aircraft type rating to their licenses. It covers all systems differences between the two Bombardier aircraft models. A valid Bombardier Challenger 604/605 type rating in prerequisite for all attendees wishing to obtain an EASA approved certification upon completion of this course. Our Challenger 604/605 to 850 Differences course is scheduled to take place in our facility in Malta between the 7th and 11th May.

We will get back to basics between the 15th and 18th May with our Bombardier Global Series Level 1 training. Following EASA`s regulations, our Level 1 type training is giving an overview of the airframe, systems, and power plants of the aircraft in a practical manner, ensuring that students gain a solid understanding of the systems and their operation. Being located next to MRO gives us the unique opportunity of an aircraft visit during the course (provided there is an aircraft available) that creates a better understanding and enhance the learning experience.

Simultaneously we are working on several ad-hoc courses that we will be glad to share at a later stage.

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